Download and Installation Instructions

CrowdSenSim can be downloaded in form of pre-configured VM running Ubuntu 16.04 working on Virtual Box.

x64 Version CrowdSenSim 1.2.0.

x86 Version CrowdSenSim 1.2.0.

The energy traces used on CrowdSenSim are available here

Click on the link to download the User Manual with information on the installation procedure and parameter set up.

Source code of CrowdSenSim 1.2.0 can be found here (zip file).
You need the follow requirements:

  • Python
  • GCC
  • Lamp
  • Download this archive, extract it inside your localhost folder
  • Python packages
    • OSMnx
    • TQDM

The sources for the adaptation of CrowdSenSim to public street lighting can be found here (zip file), but are only compatible with CrowdSenSim 1.0.0